He Was Known As The “No” Baby, Once You See This You Will Realize Why

If you’re fortunate enough to have siblings, and to recall the news of a new baby brother/sister, then chances are that you had strong feelings of jealousy at first. Don’t worry this is completely normal!

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This was evident with little Ryan. When he would be questioned if he wanted to be a big brother, his answer was always a blunt “NO!!!” However, after some deep thought, Ryan warmed up to the idea that he will always have someone to play with.

He definitely didn’t want to have a brother or sister, but we knew it was going to be something that was coming down the road so we wanted to warm him up to it,” Ryan’s dad, also named Ryan Worrell

Eventually, Ryan’s stance on the matter turns to indescribable joy! The interrogation videos were shot within a course a year, and although it started out as a joke, it turned into something serious with his wife.


Source: Ryan Worrell