The Miraculous Power Of Prayer

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The Pastor of the New Hope International Christian Center, in Norwalk, California, Eric Angles, claims he witnessed a miracle take place. It all began when he heard a loud noise outside of his home. He opened his door to  a horrific sight. A young boy had been hit by a pickup truck and was lying motionless in the street without a pulse. Eric’s wife Ruth, ran outside to pray for the boy who’s parents stood crying nearby.

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Boy comes back to life

Image: CBN

In their interview with CBN News, Angeles said:

“I was asking, ‘Lord give this boy life, give back the boy his life’ and I was praying, ‘In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, wake up, wake up,’ and then like a couple of minutes, nothing happened… and then I heard the Spirit telling me, ‘Call his name, call his name…”


Everyone around laid hands on the boy, praying and calling out his name in faith. Pastor Eric’s wife Ruth says, “So I was calling out, ‘Leonel!’ I said, ‘Leonel can you hear my voice… Leonel if you can hear my voice call on the name of Jesus, Jesus can heal you,’ and then I was praying for that, crying out.”

A few moments later, Leonel blinked his eyes and gasped for breath.

The pastor’s full interview can be seen below:

Leonel suffered multiple broken bones including “a broken hip, broken ribs, a fractured skull, a fractured spine, blood clots, dislocated shoulder and collarbone.” According to all of his doctors, it is nothing short of a miracle that he is still alive today.

Article:  Breaking Christian News

Video: CBN News