Never Before Has A Mother Been This Proud…

Heather L Nelson is one proud mother. One day she was dropping off her son Royce to his school a little later than usual. They got there just as the Pledge of Allegiance was starting.

Unlike the rest of the school kids, Royce didn’t frantically run to his classroom. He didn’t mind being late, so long as he said hes prayer and showed respect for our nation, God bless!

“PROUD MOMMY ALERT I had dropped Royce off in the the time I drove up he was doing this.. I couldn’t really tell what he was doing and I was saying “Royce..go..go” as kids walked around him. Well he didn’t budge and I thought what is this child doing? The officer said “mom he’s doing good, he stopped for the Pledge of Allegiance ( and then she puts her hand over her heart to show me) and now he’s praying”. Since they do not have prayer in schools he says a little prayer silently and that’s exactly what he was doing. I was so proud that he stopped when the Pledge of Allegiance came and stood his ground and did not move as the other kids were going in and then took time out and prayed and did not even care or think twice about it. This is such a beautiful picture ❤”

Mom shares photo of her child outside school doors

Image: Heather L Nelson

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Video: ANV