A Boy’s Heartfelt Note Almost Brings This Police Officer To Tears!

Officer Anthony Nolan received the most heartfelt note while recovering from an injury on the job. A Boy named Malik decided to tape a handwritten (and well-illustrated) get-well letter to the officer’s house door. that he received While recovering from an injury, a police officer received some kind words that made the healing process a little easier.

Officer Nolan would read to Malik and his sister on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. They viewed him as a father, and were heartbroken to find out that he couldn’t go to them because of his injury.

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Talk about fighting tears. This was duck taped to my door today. Can’t tell me this is not the best. “So worth sharing”. Love those kids. Lol left me coffee $

Posted by Anthony L. Nolan on Friday, October 2, 2015

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