Mailman’s Facebook Plea Rounds Up Thousands Of Book For Boy

Mathew Flores seems like your typical 12-year-old boy, but there is something that makes him extra special. He is a reading fanatic, it’s his most favorite thing in the world to do!

The problem was that he didn’t have any books to read. He had to settle by reading everything he could get his hands on. What most of us would consider to be junk mail, he considered it to be treasure.

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His local Mailman, Rn Lynch, saw him one-day reading ‘junk mail’.

“A young man was standing here reading junk mail,” he said. “Asked me if I had any extra.”

Mathew couldn’t go to the library because he couldn’t afford a bus pass, and this touched the heart of Lynch. He quickly took to Facebook, he posted a picture of Mathew and shared his story. The post quickly gathered attention and soon hundreds of people committed to sending the boy some books.

Mathew plans on reading every book he received and sharing them with others as well!

Article/Video: ABC30