Our Prayers Are Going Out To The 34 Dead, 170 People Injured By The Series Of Bombings In Belgian Capital Of Brussels

At 8 am, two explosions hit the Zaventem airport in the Belgian capital of Brussels. Belgium’s federal prosecutor says that the series of bombings were a result of suicide attacks.

Shortly after the explosions at the airport, a bombing at the Maelbeek metro station was set off. Brussels is now on lockdown from flights and international trains destinations.

It is known that the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the 2 attacks in Brussels, as a news agency affiliated with the group has stated:

Islamic State fighters carried out a series of bombings with explosive belts and devices on Tuesday, targeting an airport and a central metro station in the centre of the Belgian capital Brussels. – AMAQ Agency

At least 14 killed and 80 people have been injured in Zaventem airport blasts. At the metro station explosion, 20 are confirmed dead and 106 have been injured.

Belgian Police are looking to interrogate the man in white:

Image: VTM Nieuws

Image: VTM Nieuws

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Police need help in identifying the man in white. He is thought to be linked to the bombing of the Zaventem airport and ISIS.

Our prayers are with the family of the injured and dead, may God have you rest in peace!

Video: The Guardian