A Wrong Turn Changed Her Life Forever

Image: Cincinnati.com

Image: Cincinnati.com

In 2014, Brittany Davis found herself in a really dark period of life. With no job and no income, she was in a very tight situation financially.

Brittany was 28 years old when she found herself serving a 10-day sentence in an Ohio jail for drinking and driving. It was there that she first learned she was pregnant and expecting the child of a friend she was fond of.

“I actually found out I was pregnant while I was in jail. I cried, I was very upset. I thought the last thing I need to do was have a baby.” – Brittany tells the Enquirer.

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Image: Cincinnati.com

Image: Cincinnati.com

After her release from jail, Brittany scheduled 2 doctors appointments. Each of those appointments were intended to terminate her pregnancy, and the baby’s father was on board with her decision.

As Brittany made her way to a clinic in Sharonville, Ohio, alone for her first appointment, she recalls:

“I was supposed to turn right, but apparently, I turned left. Directly across from the abortion clinic was a building with a sign that read, “FREE Pregnancy Tests, FREE Ultrasounds, Walk-Ins Welcome.”

What Brittany didn’t know was that the building she was about to walk into was a pro-life pregnancy center…

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