Burn Survivor Learns To Accept Her Appearance

Nancy was 15 years of age when she decided to date a young man that she’d just met; but thought that dating a “bad boy” was not a bad idea.  He ended up being manipulative and controlling, so when he was placed behind bars, she decided to leave him.  Unfortunately, upon his release, he contacted her and she decided to go out with him for one last time.  They parted ways and she fell asleep.  Suddenly, she awoke and found herself in her mother’s arms, who had found her ablaze.  Her ex-boyfriend had doused her in gasoline and did the unthinkable!

Nancy’s recovery was harsh, for she endured over 20 surgeries, having to wear a compression mask for 23 hours a day, for an entire year.  She finally embraced her new self, recognizing that she could never conceal the horror that she’d survived.  Her desire is to find someone that could look past her exterior and love her for who she truly is!  What an inspiring woman!

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Article/Video: The Doctors