This Study Finds What We All Have Been Hopeful For, But Still Keep In Mind This!

Butter study is good for you

Image: FresnoBee

A recent study published by Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts in Boston, finds that butter should actually be considered a ‘neutral’ food. This ‘neutral’ type means that it’s not good for you, but it’s not bad for you either.

So far, a link has not been found between consuming butter and increased risk of heart diseases or strokes. On the contrary, it was found that butter might slightly prevent type 2 diabetes.

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“Overall, our results suggest that butter should neither be demonized nor considered ‘back’ as a route to good health,” Mozaffarian said in a statement.

The study findings “do not support a need for major emphasis in dietary guidelines on either increasing or decreasing butter consumption.”

In total, 636,151 unique individuals with a total of 6.5 million person-years of follow-up were examined.

The average butter consumption across studies ranged from a third of a tablespoon per day to 3.2 tablespoons per day.

“More research is needed to better understand the observed potential lower risk of diabetes, which has also been suggested in some other studies of dairy fat,” Mozaffarian said. “This could be real, or due to other factors linked to eating butter – our study does not prove cause-and-effect.”

Article: FresnoBee