Truck Driver Saved Bystanders Teetering Side Cliff

Image: WTAE-TV

Banding Together In Unity

In Bedford Pennsylvania,  an amazing act of  heroism, instinct, and unity took place by bystanders who witnessed the scene of a terrible accident by a truck driver in an 18-wheeler. As the cab of the truck teetered on the edge of the cliff off the side of the highway, quick thinking motorists banded together by holding hands, pulling the man back to safety.

Arlyn Satanek, another truck driver who witness the accident told WTAE-TV, “I’m sitting there in a daze, and I realize people are running to the truck. To me, it just looked like this spontaneous, instinctive thing, that everyone just started hooking their arms together,” Satanek said. “It was absolutely amazing.”

At that moment, no one seemed to be concerned for their own safety everyone was just instinctively prepared to help save a man in need before the truck fell from the cliffside of the highway. Realizing what a truly amazing situation this was, Satanek decided he had to take the opportunity to capture the moment. “It was just like everyone knew in that moment we have to reach him, ‘Let’s lock into this and get this guy up.’ It was awesome,” Satanek said. “I decided I knew they had him, and I wanted to get a picture, I want to remember this.”

Recalling the situation Satanek says,  “I don’t know any of their names, or what their faces looked like. I can only say they made a terrible situation a little bit better by helping someone out that was really in need.”

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Article: UPI News