The Saying “The Camera Adds 10 Pounds,” Is True. Here’s Why!

Do you ever feel like your photos don’t give you justice?  The “you” in the mirror sees yourself with your right features as though they were on the left and vice versa, since of course, it is a reflection; so that in itself will cause a distortion in the way that you see yourself on any medium; but to add to that “distorted” view, at times, your weight also seems to fluctuate, does it not?

Cameras really do add 10 pounds

Image: Dan Vojtech

Have you ever heard that cameras add 10 pounds to the “real”, beautiful you?  Well, it seems that it is indeed the case, when you take a look at a series of images that were taken by photographer Dan Vojtech.  Depending on the lens that you mount on your camera, your weight will fluctuate and your features will change subtly, which are difficult to pinpoint, from one image to the next.  However, this GIF makes those “subtleties” quite a bit more profound.

Changing the focal length from 20mm to 200mm, in order to maintain the subject’s size/frame intact, the photographer created 9 images of his subject.  In viewing the end result, does it not give you a bit of inner joy knowing that perhaps the person in the mirror IS actually more beautiful than what is captured by a camera?  Your end results will depend on the type of lenses used to capture your subject.  Wide angle lenses have a way of distorting the subject closest to the camera, while those further away, seem even smaller than what they truly are.  Also, straight lines become curved and warped, causing an unrealistic view of reality.  The telephoto lens has a tendency to compress its subject, making it appear flatter and thinner; so it seems that there’s a give and take with these 2 extremes.  So what would be the ideal lens for portraits, you may ask?  Ultimately, it depends on what your need or wants are.  A 50mm lens is considered a “normal” lens, since it is the most similar to a human eye’s perspective, but lenses that range from 85-135mm are ideal for some photographers because they can move closer or further away from their subject, without much distortion.

So, ultimately, you’ll have to make your own decisions on whether you prefer to look thinner, fatter or just be seen as the “ideal” you, which hopefully will ALSO be the “real” you.

Article: Business Insider