8 Year Old With Cancer Finds The Love Of His Life In The 2nd Grade

At just 8 years of age, David Spisak Jr. of Chesapeake, Virginia, has found the love of his life. David is on his fourth battle with cancer, when he was 2 years old, he was first diagnosed with leukemia. David had beat cancer 3 times before this more recent diagnosis in March.

David’s family was seeing the damage all of the treatments were having on their son. They decided that for this time, they were going to leave it up to God and let him have a normal childhood life without any medical treatments. Doctors advised the family that without any medical treatments, he would only live for about 4-6 weeks.

The family went on, and sent David off to 2nd grade to live a normal life. That’s where he found the love of his life that is currently giving him strength to beat the disease once more.

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