A Fun Night Ends Up In Disaster

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When a young 11-year-old girl Elizabeth Gilreath from Omaha Nebraska first heard the carnival was coming to town, like all the other kids in the neighborhood, she could barely contain her excitement. It was a celebration of Cinco De Mayo, and she never thought the place she had so many other great childhood memories would become a place that would haunt her and her family for years to come. After somehow becoming unseated on the ride, Elizabeth slid dangerously towards a large spinning mechanism. Her long waist length hair began to tangle up in the gears as the ride continued to spin tortuously leaving her with unspeakable injuries.

Elizabeth became stuck in the machine, as the gear mechanism continued to pull her hair closer and tighter with her scalp ripping from her head.

Elizabeth’s father, Timothy Gilreath, says, “the torture of his daughter continued for 5-10 minutes, pulling his daughter around.” He choked up as he continued telling WOTW local news reporters, “That is our baby, she was tortured.”

You can see that in the surveillance video, the ride operator just runs away from the horrific scene. It remains unclear if he ran out of fear or if he ran to get help.One woman who witnessed what had happened came to aid the bleeding young girl, and attempted to stop the ride with her hands.

Once out of the way of the ride Elizabeth was able to be rushed to the Emergency room, where doctors immediately went to work to try and save her scalp and hair. Gilreath told WOTW:  “They don’t even know if the muscles will work and my daughter will be able to see again.”

Investigations into what exactly went wrong are being conducted and hopefully, the family will be able to get some answers. We will be praying for the daughter and family during this tough time.

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Article/Video: KTLA