Hero In Action

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Surveillance video from a convenience store in Arvada, Colorado, captured a traumatic yet life-saving moment during a recent routine checkout. Store cashier, Rebecca Montano, was working at the front register when she noticed a woman come up to the front holding both a baby and a soft drink. During checkout, the woman begins having a seizure but that’s when the quick-thinking cashier begins to spring into action.

Her face began to “glaze over, and that’s when she knew something was wrong,” Montano told KWGN News. Trying all-the-while to talk to the woman, she realized the mother was having a seizure. Just as she is about to collapse to the ground with her child, the cashier reaches over pulling the baby to safety.

She told KWGN, “I’m a mother, I’m a grandmother. It’s motherly instinct to worry about children.” After making sue the child was safe, Montano called 911, and tried to tend to the ailing woman until paramedics arrived.

Thanks to the heroic and quick-acting cashier, both the baby and mother are now safe.

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Article: Fox 4 News
Video: SRC-TV