Round Trip

It must have been a bumpy ride before bystanders were able to flag the unsuspecting driver down, alerting her to a problem. A hitchhiking cat was spotted who had already traveled over 8-miles, trapped in the bumper of a car just a few inches from the speeding asphalt below. After sneaking in and somehow getting trapped, the 5-year-old lynx point, siamese cat, was rescued with the help of a crowbar, a bit of determination, and San Diego County Animal Services.

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Thanks to a microchip implanted on the cat, “she was reunited with her owner — who lived near the parked vehicle — on Friday, County Animal Services officials said. They reported that the cat was doing “amazingly fine” after a the road trip, but still remained a bit jumpy.

The curious cat must have been looking for a warm place to sleep when first getting stuck in the bumper, “which isn’t unusual” they say. Some helpful advice from Animal Service workers, is “If you park your car outside, tap the hood of the car or tap your horn lightly to alert any animals that might be looking for warmth from your car’s engine,” said County Animal Services Deputy Director Daniel DeSousa. “Tapping will scare them and they’ll run off.”

Article: KTLA