women of yhear

Charleston , South Carolina, was hit with a deadly force of injustice on June 17th when a young caucasian man walked into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and gunned down 9 of a Bible study group. The black community was shaken down to their very core in fear, and confusion.

For Alana Simmons, 26, Nadine Collier, 47, Bethane Middleton-Brown, 45, Felicia Sanders, 58, and Polly Sheppard, 71, the shooting wasn’t just another topic of discussion. It was an act of hatred that took the lives of their loved ones. They all found the courage within themselves to respond in a way that showed the world what real strength looks like.

The women of Charleston are Women of the Year because… “Though they’ve been through the unimaginable, they’ve shown strength, divinity, and heart, and have become a symbol of what forgiveness and compassion truly are.”
—Common, musician, actor, and Oscar-winning songwriter

It is because of the strength that they have shown, that they have been honored as the Women of the Year by Glamour.

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