2 Seprate Recalls Affecting Chicken And Vegetables

Food recall chicken and veggies

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Gold’n Plump and Just Bare have issued a huge recall of 55,000 pounds of chicken after discovering black soil and sand in some of their products. No actual cases of illness had been reported, but it is better to be safe and send that chicken back where it came from!

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Veggie Recall

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2 Years ago, CRF Frozen Foods issued a massive recall of their frozen goods due to the dangers of Listeria contaminations. That recall has now been expanded to include every CRF Frozen Foods product ever made since 2014.

Symptoms of Listeria include nausea, severe headache, fever, stiffness, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Listeria has also cause stillbirths or miscarriages among pregnant women.

Here is the full list of the contaminated products from CRF Frozen Foods.

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