Stranger Danger

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Home Alone Social Experiment Parents Warning Stranger Danger

Image: Youtube/ Joey Salads

One popular YouTuber named Joey Salads, has created an interesting niche for himself by making controversial social experimentation videos. This time, however, he experimented on a topic that might touch a bit close to home for many of us parents. The video is entitled “Home Invasion,” and the subject is “Stranger Danger”. For those of you unfamiliar with these terms, in the video, Joey, along with a few curious mother’s help to facilitate the experiment and set out to see just how well their kids have paid attention to their warnings, of “never letting a stranger inside the house without a parent or guardian present.” These are all average kids from average homes, and they’ve all been been taught incessantly not to answer the door to strangers they don’t know. So how well do you think these children did, when put to the test?

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Sheesh, well that didn’t go like their parents surely expected. What about your own children? Would they know not to open the door to a stranger? How about if they “say” they are a family friend?

Let us know in the comments how your kids would do in this situation.

Video: JoeySalads