19-Year-Old Parents Sell Their Daughter To Buy An iPhone And A Motorbike


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‘A Duan’ (not his real name) has been sentenced to a 3-year sentence in jail for selling his infant daughter in order to pay for his iPhone and a motorbike.

Duan, from Tong’an, Fujian province, south eastern China, set up the child trafficking deal with someone he found online, according to People’s Daily Online.

He met the interested buyer on a social media platform called QQ. The deal was that he was to sell is 18-day-old daughter for 23,000 Yuan (roughly £2500).


Image: pixabay

The mother, ‘Xiao Mei’ (also not her real name) maintained a series of jobs while her partner spent many lazy days at internet cafes.

The couple met through work back in 2013 and planning on marrying, but their plans were stunted because they were both minors. Their daughter was born following an unwanted pregnancy.

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They were both 19, and found their daughter to be a very inconvenient burden to have.

Image: AP Getty Images

Image: AP Getty Images

The anonymous buyer later turned himself in to the authorities. He had purchased the baby for his sister, who still remains the custody holder of the child until authorities figure out what would happen to the parents.

It is unclear if Xiao Mei had any knowledge of the transaction, but she did flee from Tong’anfled from Tong’an with the intention leaving her past behind her.

She was later tracked down and taken in for questioning. Eventually she was served with a 2 year and a half sentence.

The baby, Li Jie, remains in the purchaser’s custody.

Article: DailyMail