What People Did In Return Is Amazing!

Human target


Pedestrians walking by Wulian Square in Hangzhou, China, were shocked to see what a young woman was doing out there on the street. She was seen standing under a sign that read: “Human target. 10 yuan ($1.50) per arrow.”

Ji Jianli had set up a cardboard sign that had her bank account and AliPay details written on it.

Some passersby thought this was a scam so they called the police and she was taken away an hour after she set up.

Why would someone put themselves through something like that?

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Ji said that her family had been drowning in debt ever since her sister was diagnosed with cancer a few years back. The cost for the treatment is about 500,000 yuan ($76,000).

Human target


On top of that, Ji and her 42-year-old mother are the sole breadwinners of the family since her father passed away last year.

Ji had to get the media’s attention, previous attempts to get help from the public had been unsuccessful.

Since Ji’s moving story went viral, some people have deciphered Ji’s bank account details from pictures in order to make donations.

Article: Mashable