Known as one of the most powerful song’s of all time, I can never get enough of the classic “Hallelujah”. The Welsh choir, Côr Glanaethwy, performs “Hallelujah” with 165 amazingly talented voices on the final of Britain’s Got Talent. And even more so to love about this talented group of people is the level of diversity that the choir has for its members. This incredible group has the elderly, children, and many more individuals spanning many different ages. What an absolutely beautiful way to bring a community together as one.

In the end, Côr Glanaethwy placed 3rd in the competition. Even then, Simon Cowell rose to give a standing ovation for the amazing performance. A definite indication that his choir has a bright future ahead of them. Besides the exposure that the show has brought them, their twitter feed probes fans for some more song favorites, hinting at an upcoming album. Even announcing a fall tour for the group.

What did you think of their “Hallelujah” rendition? Would you buy Côr Glanaethwy’s album or even see them live? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to SHARE if their talent impressed you as much as it did us.

Source: Britain’s Got Talent