Christian Couple Adopts 9 Children

“One adoption won’t change the world, but I’ll change the world for that child.”

The Maas Family thought they had the “American Dream”. They had it all, a home, a nice job, and a little girl. When they moved into their new home, they knew God was trying to talk to them. As they went to adopt their first child, they couldn’t. The knew that just one child wasn’t enough. In total, the Maas family had decided to adopt 9 children!

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In the clip, we get to hear about the Maas Family’s relationship with God. It’s truly inspiring.

This is what the new mom of 10 had to say,

“When I see them interact, is just umm…it’s what I think Heaven will be like. Because we have all these different colors all these different abilities, all in one place together. They are loving each other, they are praying together, they are serving together, reading the bible together, and it’s beautiful.”

She continues and talks about how she sees Jesus every day.

“They don’t get to see Jesus living in their house, I get to see that. Because I can see Jesus in all of my children. I get to see His miracles and His love every single day.”

The Maas Family admits it’s very hard at times, but with God’s help, they are confident they can do anything.

Source: Southland Christian Church