Inspiring Christian leader shares how his Church, Action Church, helps its members get their feet on the ground, then challenges them to new heights. Like he taught his son, Bentley, to swim in shallow waters and didn’t immediately throw him into the deep end, we must treat ourselves the same way. We cannot expect to achieve greatness without starting in the shallow end.

God ultimately calls us to put our faith in Him. While we start in the shallow end, He wants us move to the deep end, where we feel we are in over our heads. That is where He can work and He can flourish within us. In the video, he says, “That’s God’s plan for you. To be all in where the only thing that you have is faith and trusting in Him – all in.”

At the end of the video, he asks where God is calling you to step into the deep end. What is the next challenge ahead in your life? Whatever it is, may you allow yourself to be all in, and know that God has a plan greater than we can imagine.

Source: Action Church