Players Prayers

At the Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando, one football team is crying foul, as their pre-game prayer was blocked from being heard over the loudspeakers by the Florida High School Athletic Association. The private Christian Institution, Cambridge Christian School, is claiming that the offence was a violation of Religious Freedom laws and has since threatened legal action against the association; demanding an apology.

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Students Football Team Prayers Cancelled Over Loud Speaker

Image: Liberty Institute

The school has sought counsel from The Liberty Institute, which is one of the largest legal organisations in America dedicated to the defence of Religious Liberties. A demand letter, issued by the Institute on Behalf of the Private School details what they would like, “we require the FHSAA to issue a written apology to CCS for this gross violation along with written assurances that, in the future, the FHSAA will abide by the U.S. Constitution.”

Tim Euler, head of Cambridge Christian School, further issued a statement explaining, “In the football program we are working to raise Godly young men that can make a difference in the world. Prayer is a big part of that, it is central to who we are as a school and as a team.”

Football Team Blocked Loudspeaker Prayer

Image: Liberty Institute

Liberty University is confident in their clients position, saying, “we are committed to restoring the rights of these students, and all students across the State of Florida,” to be able to pray without the fear of being censored or ostracised.

Article: Christian Post