Kim Eun Jin was born in North Korea and was told by the authorities,

“There was no God in this world.”

Instead, she was ordered to worship Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, the leaders at the time of her living in North Korea. Freedom of religion is guaranteed under North Korea’s constitution; however, it is not encouraged. Kim’s great grandmother was the only one who had a bible. She translated it to Korean by hand in a notebook. Kim says, “We found strength in those pages.”

In 1994 authorities found out that Kim’s father had an underground church and arrested him along with an uncle. Unfortunately, her and her family could only assume they were executed afterwards. Kim fled to China, her mother, siblings, and grandmother were able to follow after a few months. Kim continues to testify and takes comfort in knowing that her father is in heaven.
May God give strength and endurance to those Christians who are being persecuted for their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Source: The Official 700 Club