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The Mother-Of–Three Health Inspector Was Killed In Shooting Along 13 Others

Bennetta Betbadal worked for the San Bernardino County Health Department since 2006.

This last Wednesday she was attending the Inland Regional Center to present a presentation of which she was excited about.

Bennetta’s death comes with a terrible irony as she was one of the 14 people killed by Muslims Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik.

The Roman Catholic woman had been born in Iran in 1969 and fled to America when she was 18 in order to “escape Islamic extremism and the persecution of Christians that followed the Iranian Revolution,” according to a family statement reported by the San Bernardino Sun.

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Bennetta’s life was tragically stolen from her by the same type of monsters she had fled many years ago. Although of this, her life here in the US has an amazing story.

Betbadal’s family said that she had settled in New Youk City after she came to America and then ended up moving to California. It was there where she married her police officer husband who works atRiverside Community College, in 1997.

The couple moved to Rialto and had three children, two boys, and a girl now ages 10, 12, and 15.

After Betbadal graduated from  Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in chemistry she took a job as an inspector with the San Bernardino County Health Department in 2006.

“Bennetta was proud to work for the people of San Bernardino County,” the statement said. “She loved her job, her community, and her country.”

May Betbdal rest in peace and may the Lord comfort and watch over her loving husband and children.

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