California Churches Will Not Stand For Abortion Insurance Coverage

church sues california

Image: Reuters/ Mike Blake

Planned Parenthood is becoming the focus of the showdown in the U.S Senate today. Abortion issues press on forward to a political offense against the nation’s largest abortion business. The whole controversy started with the revealing truth of Planned Parenthood selling baby’s tissues and organs.

Now, Congressional Republicans are trying to cut off Planned Parenthood’s half billion dollars in annual federal funding. Indeed this will be a hot topic for discussion during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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Three California churches have filed a complaint against the state over a recently implemented health insurance provision mandating the coverage of elective abortions.

Foothill Church of Glendora, Calvary Chapel in Chino, and Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch filed the complaint to the U.S. District Court. The lawsuit seeks relief from the abortion mandate, it was filed against the director of the California Department of Managed Health Care.

The churches argue that the government have no right to demand that the church’s health insurance coverage should contain coverage for abortion. It would violate the church’s most sincere religious beliefs.

Article: Christian Post