Secret Savings

We all go to Costco for two main reasons, the prices tend to be far lower than other stores for the same items and you can buy things in bulk which also saves money. But did you know that Costco has a super secret savings society, one that you might only stumble upon if you know exactly what to look for and that is known only to a select few clever customers able to decipher the symbols on certain products price tags? Well take heart, neither did I…until now.

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Secret Savings Only Found By Knowing Costco Symbols On Products

Image: Twitter/ Costco Connoisseur

“According to Country Living, the clues to the best bargains at Costco are right there on the tag. For example, while most products you see will have a price ending in “9”— as in $9.99 or $5.49 — if that number is different, you could be looking at a secret sale.”

Price Markdowns Secret Savings At Costco

Image: Twitter/BenTerps

An insider at Costco also reveals that if you ever see a product that has a price ending in .97, that product has been marked down for clearance. They want it gone as soon as possible, and are willing to do almost whatever it takes to get it sold…Similarly is if you see a product ending in either .00 or .88, that also indicates that prices have been slashed dramatically. Generally, it means that the product is “manager’s markdown, which not only means a good deal but makes it a good bet that they are the last items in stock.”

Symbols Found On Products At Costco's Lead To Super Savings

Image: Twitter/ Christian Vivas

Now if you ever find an “asterisk symbol” located in the upper corner on the price tags of one of your favorite products, quick, buy as many as you can! This symbol means that it is likely the last time you will see it on the shelf. This may also mean extremely good deals just so they can get rid of the final stock.

Look For Secret Symbols On Products Price Tags At Costco's Stores

Image: Twitter/TheSnitchSeeker

Congrats! You have survived and successfully made it through the symbolic initiation of the secret saving society at Costco’s. Now go forth and continue saving.

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