This Is A God Given Relationship

The people we allow to be in our lives, on very personal levels, are those we hold true to in our hearts.

Laura Ruffino and Liz Diamond show us that certain friendships are truly God’s gift and we should be thankful for those we consider family.

The two had met in Christian Grade School and have stayed close friends ever since. As adults, Ruffino has two daughters and Diamond with four of her own. Unfortunately, when Diamond was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer she asked Liz to take care of all four girls. Without any hesitation Liz had agreed.

Watch this story and witness the real meaning of a God-given friendship.

The Buffalo Wellness Center, where Diamond served as a board member, has set up a You Caring page in an effort to help the Ruffino’s with the added expenses that come with four additional children.

Source: Luxmedia