Couple Ends Up With With 5 Babies After Birth Mother Has Triplets And They Miraculously Have 2 Of Their Own

This Oklahoma couple had spent more than three years trying to conceive. They had contemplated going forth with expensive fertility treatments but then came to the decision to adopt. After meeting with the birth mother of their to-be adopted child, they learned that she was having triplets. Amy Justice says,

We went to a meeting where she had an ultrasound and found there was not one baby but three babies.”

The couple agreed to adopt all three babies. Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth ere born in May.
It was after that when they were surprised yet again. A week from the triplets birth, Amy found out that she was pregnant with twins that would be due in January. All of the children will be the same age. The couple says that they are excited but also say that “God has a great sense of humor.” 🙂

Couple’s Photo With The 5 Babies Below Video.
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Image: Daily Mail

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