Easter Immorality

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For 2-year-old, Gabriel Ford, it would have been the first Easter he had the pleasure to participate in. His parents,  Michael and Janet, happily spread colorful Easter eggs around the yard, anticipating the joy that their toddler would have finding them. Gabriel has Down Syndrome, and after a surgery on his hands due to a condition called syndactyly (a condition that one or more fingers are fused), he had began practicing to be able to grip and hold an Easter egg- and that day he was ready.

Shortly ahead of Gabriel’s big surprise, and before he even got to see the festively decorated yard full of hidden Easter eggs- a surveilance camera in front captured a scene that can only be described as appalling. A neighbor walking by casually begins stealing all the eggs they had layed out for the day, leaves and then comes back with her kids to take even more.

“I just couldn’t believe what was happening,” said father Michael Ford to KSWB in San Diego. “When a car goes by, she jumps off the lawn and then … gets right back to work…the woman knows exactly what she’s doing,” Ford said.

Gabriel had just gotten the cast off his hands and was very excited about the day. “We had been working weeks, teaching him how to … pick them up and put them in the bucket, like that was part of his therapy session,” said Gabriel’s mother, Janet. “He doesn’t understand what Easter is, but he loves to pick up eggs.”

When residents around the neighborhood heard about the incident they all decided to pitch in. They began to organize a facebook group to plan another egg hunt that Gabriel could participate in. It’s really very sad it had to come to this.

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Article: KTLA

Video: Fresh News