Love Triumphs After Being 50 Years Apart!

They say that your first love is destined to fail. This is truth to some extent but does not happen to everyone. When we are young we do not fully comprehend the hardships and responsibility that come with relationships. The person you are at age 18 will not be the same person 6 or 8 years later. Because of this, your first love does not always pass the test of growth and time.

Janice and Prentiss fell in love while they were in college in the year 1961. They knew they were meant for each other, but because of Janice’s father’s protective attitude, he forbade their engagement.They both went on to live their lives separately. Eventually, they married other people, but little did they know that fate would bring them back together once more.

After having lived a fulfilling life away from each other,  50 years later they came together as one once more.

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