Dash Cam Records Officers In Action – How The Saved A Life

Ohio Township Police,en were on the lookout for a certain vehicle after they received a call about a driver driving recklessly.

When two officers found the car on the side of the road with an unresponsive driver inside, they knew they had to act fast.

“He reaches in for a pulse, he feels no pulse, he unstraps the individual,” said Ohio Township Police Chief Norbert Micklos.

Officer Steve Panormios, an eight-year veteran of the force, knew what he had to do. He immediately tried to determine the situation of the man by feeling for a pulse.

“I think that’s when your training kicks in,” said Chief Micklos. “Your instinct kicks in to just save people.”

The officer started chest compressions. He didn’t stop until the 46-year-old man raised his arm.

“He regained a pulse on the individual,” Chief Micklos said. “Another medic arrived and applied some oxygen until other medics arrived.”

It was later determined that the man had overdosed on a whole bag of heroin.

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Video: CBS Local Pittsburgh