Pretty But Dangerous

The beach can be a great place to find interesting looking rocks and pretty shells, but not everything you find on the shores of the ocean is safe to touch. Many people have learned this lesson the hard way, especially when coming across this strange translucent looking object. It can easily be mistaken for a plastic bag, a polished rock, or litter, but beach-goers beware – the truth about this object is much more frightening and dangerous than it may look.

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Dangerous Object Creature Beach Interesting

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The object is called a “Portuguese Man of War,” and it is actually a dangerous sea creature. It gets its name from it’s gas-filled bubble-like body, that when inflated resembles a Portuguese warship. If the name doesn’t cause you to proceed with caution, what can happen if it comes in contact with your skin can be devastating; and in some cases even deadly.

Dangerous Sea Creature Object Beware Ocean Surf

Image: Boredom Therapy

Usually traveling in groups these terrible creatures have an extremely potent sting, with tentacles that can reach 165 feet long. Drifting along with the current generally in the open ocean, occasionally they get close to shore or wash up on the beach. This can create a bad situation for swimmers and unsuspecting visitors that come in contact with them. Even long after they die, the tentacles can produce a sting which can send you to the hospital.

So next time you plan a trip to the beach make sure your family is fully aware of all the possible dangers that exist there. The curiosity may not be worth the trip to the hospital.

Article: Boredom Therapy

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