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Mail Man Saves Toddler Rescued From Busy Highway Median

Image: DenverPost

Robert Batley has been delivering the mail to the citizens of Denver for over 16 years, in the Postal worker world, he is a Veteran. Being a Vet in his line of work means you’ve been through and seen many things, there is nothing that can really surprise you anymore. But one day, while following his normal route, something unusual caused him to do a “double-take,” as he gazed out across a busy highway towards the median. There, completely alone, without even shoes or a diaper, was a 2-year old toddler trapped between a stream of high speeding vehicles on the highway.

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Seeing the trapped toddler Batley says, “I did a double take. Cars were going by like it was nothing. My heart just sank. I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, she’s going to walk in front of somebody.”

So Batley immediately did what was instinctual for him, he dropped his bag of mail, took off in his mail truck dodging and weaving through cars with lights flashing and went to rescue the toddler. “I got to her and grabbed her hand and walked her to the sidewalk,” he said. “She wasn’t crying or anything. It was like she was just out for a stroll.”

Batley says he she was completely alone, no parents,  guardians, nothing. With no one to hand her off to, he called 911. Soon after the Adams County Sheriff’s Office showed up to help find where the baby’s home was. Still too young to give an answer, the Sherriff’s went door to door looking for her house.

According to the Denver Post, Sgt. Jim Morgan said, “Law enforcement found the baby’s grandfather who didn’t realize the child was gone, Morgan said. The grandfather was written a summons for misdemeanor child abuse, he said, and the child was released to her parents who were both at work at the time.”

Batley says he’s glad he is the one that found her and not someone else with bad intentions. “It feels good to be a hero for one minute,” he said.

Soon after the incident, Batley returned to his normal service duties delivering the mail saying, “I’ve seen a lot of things as a mail carrier — that’s for sure — but this probably takes the cake.”

Article: Denver Post