Released Video Shows A Deputy’s Dramatic Rescue, You Won’t Believe What You Are About To Witness!

Deputy rescues gunshot kids


Authorities have just released this dramatic video of a deputy running into a gun battle in order to rescue a woman who’d been shot. Afterwards, he is seen rushing her three young kids to safety.

According to the woman, she was in the process of separation from her husband when all of a sudden he showed up at their house and began going berserk. He kept breaking into her bedroom.

The 3 children in the home  were between 23 months and 7 years old.

The woman called 911, and the Sheriff’s Office said the dispatcher heard a scream. Then the line went dead.

Deputy Justin Ferrari wasted no time in showing up at the scene.  Investigators say they also heard a man shout, “You’re going to die tonight.”he home then fired shots at the deputies, twice. Two deputies returned fire.

Someone in the home fired at the deputies, two deputies returned fire.

Once Ferrari showed up to the home he found the injured woman and dragged her neighbor’s home for safety. He also managed to gather up the very terrified three young children as they were crying hysterically, rushing into his arms.

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Knowing he was out of options, the woman’s husband came out of the house and surrendered. The deputies later identified the suspect as 26-year-old Emmanuel Rosado.

“When we say law enforcement officers run toward danger as others run away, this is what we’re talking about. The deputies who responded to this shooting incident yesterday afternoon in Deltona didn’t hesitate; their instincts and training kicked in,” the Sheriff’s Office released in a statement.

Article: CBS News

Video: The Daily Mail