Doctors Operate On The Wrong Baby Without His Parents Knowing

Image: For Every mom | Pinterest

Image: For Every mom | Pinterest

Never did Jennifer Melton ever think that by taking her child to a nursery, her baby would go through an excessive amount of pain.

She took her newborn son Nate, who was born at the University Medical in Lebanon, Tennessee, to a routine physical. She became concerned when her baby was gone for an unusually long time.

When baby Nate was returned to her, she learned where he had been and what the doctors did to him. Apparently there was a mistake with the identities of the babies. A doctor performed a frenectomy (clipping of the tongue) on Nate that was meant for another child.

“At that point the nurse started to mention the procedure they had done that they had clipped his tongue. Essentially they took our child who was healthy from the room and cut his mouth,” said Melton. “At that point I began to cry hysterically.” – Jennifer tells News Channel 5.

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“… I had asked for the wrong infant. I had likely performed the procedure on an infant different than the one I intended to … and I admitted my mistake and apologized.” – The doctor who performed the wrong surgery wished to remain anonymous.

It is still unkown if the baby will have difficulty with eating and speaking in the future.

“We don’t know if the child will have speech problems or eating problems. The concern here is this was a healthy baby that was supposed to leave the hospital, but instead was harmed by the hospital,” – Jennifer’s attorney.

Article: News Channel 5