It Is The Miracle Of Birth!

To those who have witnessed the miracle of birth, consider yourselves blessed because when a birth takes place, it is a true miracle.

During an emergency C-section, doctors encountered something amazing. The child that was birthing was still in his amniotic sac. Seeing something like that at first can be intimidating but if you keep contemplating the miracle, you’ll see just how beautiful it really is.

When this happens, doctors and nurses need to pierce the sac.

“This is one of those times where things that may appear normal to people who are trained and know what they are looking at look very different to someone who may not know the intricacies of what the inside environment of an abdomen or a uterus looks like,” Dr. Pecoraro said. “I don’t think that you can say the baby is distressed from that clip at all.”

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Video: Daily Mail