Dog Receives A Life-Saving Diagnosis Before He Was To Be Put Down

Dog saved by intern


Ollie, a Shetland sheepdog, was scheduled to be put down at the DoveLewis Animal Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Veterinarians couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Ollie. Just minutes before the procedure was going to begin, an intern found a tick behind the dog’s ear, which eventually led to the right life-saving diagnosis.

After a recent trip to eastern Oregon, Ollie became very ill and his owners Al and Joelle Meteney were finding it difficult to see their beloved Ollie in pain.
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Dr. Adam Stone was about to put Ollie down, when his intern Neena Golden attempted to comfort Ollie by scratching him behind the ears. She felt a little lump on his neck, which in turn was a tick and the cause of Ollie’s ailments.

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