Their Rescued Dog Started To Clamp It’s Mouth On Their Babie’s Face…

Elle Lindquist came upon a scenario she never wanted to witness. The family’s Shih Tzu mixed dog clamped its mouth shut on their toddler Ford’s face. Elle was completely stunned. According to her, the dog was unprovoked and had no reason for reacting the way it did.

The truth is, you should never leave your baby unattended in the same room as a dog. If you are not there, your dog’s behavior will change dramatically.

Vet Scott Miller says that dog attacks on babies are not a bizarre scenario. In fact, he gives a detailed explanation of why it happens:

“No matter how well-trained, they will revert to their natural instincts if they feel threatened or in danger.
Dogs are pack animals who obey a hierarchy. If there is a change in the home — for example, the arrival of a baby — all too often a dog goes from being the love of his owner’s life to being ‘just the dog’.
It’s all too inevitable, then, that jealousy will erupt.

Scientists believe that animals lack emotion. Ask any dog owner and they will surely tell you that their dog has feelings!

A baby’s arrival can upset a dog for another simple reason: infants have a very strong smell.
Anyone who walks into a house where there is a newborn will notice that distinctive baby odour.
So, for a dog whose sense of smell is 10,000 times more powerful than a human, this will be an assault on its senses.

Also, babies don’t blink very often, which is a sign of confrontation to a dog.”

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