Happy And Healthy

In a Facebook post that has been making it’s rounds this week on the internet, a dog named Herbert says so much in one funny facial expression.

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Herbert Dog Smile Grin Facebook

Image: Amanda Robles

When PAWS, a no-kill shelter in Chicago received Herbert, an American Straffordshire Terrier mix, he was shy, malnourished, and had the flu. “His feet were splayed and he was under-socialized, which might suggest that he spent a lot of time in a cage,” Sarah McDonald, a spokesperson for PAWS Chicago, told The Huffington Post.

He was put on medication along with a new diet, and after a few weeks in a foster home provided by Amanda Robles; Herbert began to look and feel a bit better. One day while working with him, Amanda offered the pup some cheese and recorded his reaction.

Herbert gave an expressive grin, known to appear on dogs when trying to appease another dog or in this case, a person. Writing on Facebook in an attempt to find him a home says, “He’s such a sweet boy and always wants to sleep in your lap, Now that he made you laugh, help him find a home!”

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Article: Huffington Post