Dogs Read Our Facial Expressions

Have you ever wondered whether your dog can actually read the facial expression you give them. When you are mad, or upset, and you give them a disapproving gaze; does your dog actually know the difference? Well, a new study that has focused on the gazing patterns of dogs, seems to show that they can actually differentiate between facial expressions. Outside of humans and apes, this behavior has never before been shown, until now.

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The dogs in the study were first trained to lay on a certain marker, and focus their attention toward a monitor. The monitor, would then wait for the dogs to relax into the position. With their gaze focused upon the screen different images were shown of both humans and dogs with alternating facial expressions. Colored references appearing on the monitor tracked the motion of their eyes and show how the dogs analyzed the expressions. The  results of the study found that dogs can, in fact, tell the difference between our expressions.

Dogs Recognize Facial Expressions Glare Given Owners

Image: KeSimpulan

So, next time your dog unravels an entire roll of toilet paper or steals a hamburger patty off the dinner table, you can be fairly certain they understand your position; simply by the expression on your face.

Video: KeSimpulan