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Championship Wrestling Winner State Hawthorne Record

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In Pelham Alabama, Hasaan Hawthorne is celebrating the victory of a lifetime after becoming the first double amputee to win a State Wrestling Championship. Finishing out his senior year undefeated, people are calling the motivated young athlete one of the best in the U.S., and he is proving his neigh sayers wrong about what it means to be disabled.

Wrestling Champion Winner Double Amputee Inspirational

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“Hawthorne was born without shinbones, and as a result, had to have both legs amputated.” That hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the most amazing up-in-coming athletes. “He is an incredible role model for anyone that has a disability,” said head coach Eric Pollard, after he took home the win in the 6A 145-lbs State Championships. “It’s really a dream come true, we have worked very hard for this.”

Double Amputee Wins State Championship Wrestling Perfect Record

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He closes out the year undefeated with a 39-0 record, which is something most will never achieve even without a disability. “We’ve never taught him to use it as a disability,” Pollard explained. “He’s never looked at it as one and he’s proven that today.”

We can’t wait to see what this young man does in the future. God bless him for being an inspiration of how to overcome.

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