Rice Was Once Thought To Be The Best Solution For Soaked Phones, It Turns Out We Were Wrong…

Wherever you go, if there is one thing you’ll probably have with you, is your cell phone.

This indispensable item has become a core tool in our everyday lives, so its understandable that when you drop it in a puddle, a pool, or even a toilet, you’ll do anything in your power to restore it back to its full functionality.

Why spend hundreds on a new one when you can fix it yourself?

The popular belief of sticking your drenched device into a bowl or bag of uncooked rice has been widely spread and regarded as the best means of restoring your phone.

But did you know that this method comes AFTER 6 other better options?

Gazelle — a company that buys, recycles, and sells used and broken electronics — placed the Samsung Galaxy and the Apple iPhone completely underwater until they died.

After drying and toweling the phones, they put them in a variety of “drying agents.”

They tested seven different household items, and the results showed that these were best to worst:

1. Silica gel
2. Cat litter
3. Couscous
4. Instant oatmeal
5. Classic oatmeal
6. Instant rice
7. Uncooked rice

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Uncooked rice, which would be the ‘go-to’ drying agent, scored the last on the list! On the other hand, silica gel scored the highest on the list. Silica gel comes in those packets that are stored with other pre-packaged things like shoes and beef jerky.

Article: IJR