Duck Dynasty star, Missy Robertson tells Entertainment Tonight that she has questioned God in the past. The interview covering the promotion of her new book, “Blessed, Blessed…. Blessed,” which explains the struggles she and her family had gone through uncovers this topic.

Missy and Daughter Mia Robertson

Missy and Daughter Mia Robertson (Instagram photo)

Missy Robertson explains that upon discovering that their baby girl Mia, who is now 12-years-old, was going to be born with a cleft lip and palate she did question God. That, upon seeing the ultrasound she had a feeling of “Shock and concern.”

She tells Entertainment Tonight,

“I did question God at the beginning,” Missy says. “Like, ‘Wait a minute, what just happened here? I thought I’m one of your children. You’re not supposed to leave me. Did you turn your back for just a second and get disoriented or distracted with someone else’s problems and forget about me for a second?’”

She then went on to explain that she realized that her little girl wasn’t forgotten [by God] but was going to be part of a much bigger plan that they “Have to fulfill.”

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