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What An Incredible Story To Remind Us That Through Faith In God, Anything Is Possible!

If you’ve ever seen the internationally-famous show known as ‘Duck Dynasty’, then right away you will recognize Jase and Missy Robertson. On screen, they seem to have a wonderful life without any problems, but that view changed when the two shared an astonishing story about their emotional roller coaster ride through having a miscarriage and the continuous problems after that. Once they laid their dependency on God, He brought them a miracle and peace of mind.

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When Missy became pregnant, she had a miscarriage about 9 weeks later due to the baby growing in the wrong area. Subsequent to the tragedy, she had forgotten to get an important shot that would equalize her blood in preparation for future pregnancies. So, when she became pregnant again, doctors told her that her baby would only have a 1% chance to live. It was devastating news to Missy and Jase. At that time, they put everything they had into God—and that’s when their miracle happened. Watch the video below to hear the full story.

Video: The Official 700 Club