Ed Sheeran’s Song About Alzheimer’s Will Leave You With Tears!

afire love
Ed Sheeran is a world renowned musician that has always been able to incorporate human feeling into a song. “Afire Love” is a midtempo piano tune that Ed dedicated to his grandfather, who was battling Alzheimer’s disease for 20 long years.

It has been said that Ed finished writing the song at his grandfather’s funeral.

The song takes its listeners through waves of emotion, as it paints a vivid picture of Ed recalling the moments when his father got lost in the disease, and could no longer recognise his grandson.

“My father told me, son/ It’s not his fault he doesn’t know your face/ And you’re not the only one,” he sings.

Any person regardless if they have experienced a situation like this can connect to the words. You never know what the future brings, and we pray that you or your family do not have to experience the pains of this disease.

In the song, Ed also talks about the powerful love that was shared between his grandparents. He shares the personal words that his grandfather used to say to his grandmother before the illness:

“Put your open lips on mine and slowly let them shut/ For they’re designed to be together/ With your body next to mine, our hearts will beat as one/ And we’re set alight, we’re afire in love.”


The song concludes with Ed and his family at the funeral and a gospel choir singing over them “Hallelujah”.

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