92-Year-Old Man Sweetly Serenades His Wife On Their 50th Wedding Anniversary

elderly serenades wife

Image: YouTube Screenshot

Everlasting love really does exist, because God is the one who showed it first. This video of a couple at their 50th-anniversary party certainly shows this to be true.

Back in the 1960s, Harvey and Mildred Wosika first met while she was working at his brother’s cafe. Together, they have a total of 11 children, 35 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren. Marriages like this are becoming something extremely unusual. And if you’re lucky enough to witness such a thing, call yourself fortunate!

Nearly 150 family and friends joined them in their hometown of Newkirk, Oklahoma, to be present for their 50th-anniversary.

During the party, Harvey got down on one knee, held his wife’s hands, and serenaded her with Bing Crosby’s classic song “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.”

The beautiful gesture had touched everyone’s hearts.
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Video: Lisa Fain Epperly