Most of my FB posts are designed to bring a smile in a world of sadness and trouble. But, sometimes my 46+ years of Bible study and Gospel ministry cause me to get serious and speak out about world conditions and mankind’s behavior. This is one of those occasions. For those of you not interested in a lengthy serious post, go ahead and change channels.
What if the events unfolding around our world today were prophesied by men named Zachariah, Ezekiel, Daniel and others, 3000 years ago and written in a book called the Holy Bible? Zachariah 12:2 Zachariah 14; Ezekiel 37-38; Daniel 11 and 12.
What if Almighty God allowed nations to rise and fall based on their recognition of, and right-standing with Him? Psalm 33:12
What if the Holy Bible foretold the destruction of and rebuilding of Jerusalem, and the regathering of Jews to their homeland in 1948? Isaiah 66:8; Ezekiel 20:34
What if a nation called America turned her back on God, denied His existence, forbid prayer and reading the Holy Bible in public schools, while propagating false religions and promoting the very behavior forbidden in God’s Word, the Bible?
What if mankind repeated the actions of those recorded in Romans 1:18-32 and God again gave man over to a “depraved” mind. (Depraved=Greek “adokimas”=unable to see clearly, undiscerning, void of judgment; reprobate, abominable mind”) If God permitted this again, good and bad would be confused; society would become so confused and wicked that killing human babies would be legalized and applauded (“God bless Planned Parenthood”–Barak Obama) and those who attempt to prevent it would be punished. If God once again allowed man to become “adokimas” human society would become so corrupt that the lives of animals would be valued over the lives of human beings.
What if ancient prophets foretold that “in the last days”world leaders would turn their backs on Israel and eventually form an alliance to attack and attempt to destroy Israel? And, what if those same ancient prophets identified the nations that will surround and attack Israel, and recorded God’s promised to completely annihilate the attackers? (Ezekiel 38)
Finally, what if God permitted leaders to come to power in America, who would deny and twist the Holy Scriptures, turn their backs on Israel, strengthen and subsidize Israel’s enemies and work to build the coalition that will ultimately surround and attack Israel in the prophesied final battle between good and evil, called Armageddon?
If God really allowed all this to transpire in our time, we might truly be living in “the last days” and would need to ask God to forgive us, give us understanding and discernment (dokimas) and prepare us for His return to Earth to rescue His people.


-Pastor Larry Pyle, Russellville Arkansas