She Broke Up With The Man But Never Thought He Would Do This

Michele Messer had been called into her ex-boyfriend’s car when he suddenly started beating her and bit off her nose. She had ran into Campbell at a party and didn’t think anything of it when he asked to speak with her.

She tells NBC,

“I remember him just beating me everywhere, punching me everywhere, mainly in the face,” Messer said. Messer then felt him use his teeth.

“I remember feeling his teeth on my face, and then I remember coming to… and I asked him what happened, and he was just like ‘I bit your nose off,'” Messer explained.

She remembers being in shock and didn’t want to believe him.

“I was looking down and I just saw blood pouring from my face, and then I just kind of looked around and saw blood, smeared and everywhere in my van .. all over,” she said. Campbell then started to choke her and told her he had to kill her, but she said she was able to get a hold of the door handle, and fall out of the van.

Messer says that’s when a witness then called the police.

The authorities originally charged Chris Campbell with criminal domestic violence.

“I was outraged, I was outraged I remember calling, and I was like why is that.. like I’m sitting here permanently disfigured, a body part is missing and he intended to kill me. That was his intent. I mean, it was very clear what he said to me, “Messer said.

This year,  Messer received a life-changing operation pro-bono on her nose by Co-host and certified plastic surgeon Dr Andrew Ordon and Dr Ritu Chopra from the show The Doctors. The results are absolutely remarkable.

She says,

‘The most fascinating part about it all and what I tell everyone and anyone that asked is that yes, they did an amazing job – they changed my life and made it so I feel good about myself and confident but the most inspiring part is just how humble him and Dr. Chopra are. 

‘They made me feel so incredibly welcome and comfortable, just so warm hearted and so giving it just means more to me than anything else.’

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Article: NBC